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School’s out for Christmas

Dreaded time again where so many of us parents think aaargh “what shall we do”. Frantically thinking of how to pack their days with things to do. So when the term starts they have a list to reel off ¬†…i did this and this ….

Yet when I asked my ten year old what do you want to do? “Nothing” was his reply. He didn’t even look up to answer me. Consumed by his lego building an “Empire Prison Cell block” Whilst he sings along varoius theme tunes from Star wars.

Somehow he likes the idea of his mummy occupying his bunk bed hanging out in his space. I’ve now been appraised on the different types of troopers he’s also re introduced me to Simon & Garfunkels 1964 “sound of silence”.

We talk. That’s what we do. We talk about everything that we usually wouldn’t during term time occupied by school time and flexi ¬†start times at work.

Where usually we are rushing go go go …suddenly everthing stopped. We dont know what day it is date nor time.

We talk about his concern when mummy says I hate work I want to quit… “well mum I get concerned it will affect me as you have one of the best paying jobs in England for common people. I mean we aren’t rich but we not exactly poor”.

Our discussion moves on to the prison he is building … i like padme son don’t be mean to her in the prison will she be tortured what about her human rights.

“Human rights do we have them in England I mean are they different in other countries. Mum have you read Pride and Prejudice…”

So my son is dictating our Christmas vacation … no he doesn’t want to go anywhere no holiday, he wants to stay home with his mum kidnapped being subjected to “its all about lego”

So I guess the problem is with me an inner voice that keeps rising to say “get up what we doing” only to be told no close tye door get back and can you put ths storm troopers arm in please”

Happy holidays.1419254341263-315321080