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And as I leave you again,

Magrebi Sunset
Magrebi Sunset

yes you nurtured me mother Magreb but you know I don’t want to leave your lap. I feel a saddness in my heart. But I have learnt my lesson well. I can only be. I can only control what is with in me and nothing else.  Learn to let go. Learn to not interfere in that which does not concern me. Everything has been decreed so I should be worry free.

I’m coming home

cd063f97-44ab-4e92-bf78-61c0f1232b42I can feel my heart beat so strong. A crazy mad rush of love overtakes me. I see a decade flash before me eyes. The breeze I feel against my skin calling me to its shores. And still 17 years on my love for this land is standing stronger than the first day I stepped out into the ryad.

Look what I’m bringing back to you i hear my soul whisper “Your sons” I raised them well and now I hope they love you as much as I do.

I can’t get to you soon enough to feel the dust of which I am created. To see and feel you all around me like the maternal embrace of motherhood,  softly healing my wounds as I turn up at your doorstep. I hear your words… it’s okay Sara that was the dunya you’re home now.