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Life without filters.

Too often it’s so easy to find myself entrapped in what I can only describe as the modern ills of society – social networking.

Where social media protagonists become larger than life. There are no barriers. No limits. Offense is the pièce de rèsistance crowned with an accolade of social glory.

Each one of us is vying to be proven right. And it is only when circumstances literally pull you away that harmony can be restored.

20141104_170523A harmony that I once cherished of privacy with those I held most dear to me. A perfect balance of time management and free time to nurture my soul.

The advantages of wifi… the www don’t outweigh what is at stake here for me.

Communication. Focusing on the right now than the what will be if i dont reply. Filter through these obstacles I’ve completed half my journey.

And when I sit back and look around I see the beauty in its most pure natural form.

This is what life was before the humdrum of who I am and who are you.

A life much more simple. One full of fun, love and laughter. Where no one knew who you were but you lived your life to the fullest.

You did what you had to because that is the essence of you. Its not about ego. I left that behind a long time ago.